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Eliminate bottlenecks, delays and sources of error. Free up time to create value for both yourself and your customers.

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With the XperDi CAD automation framework, all data in your CAD and product design processes becomes fully integrated, streamlined and transparent. The benefits of our CAD automation framework:

  • Minimize errors
  • Free up time for your design and manufacturing departments to focus on actual value creation
  • Maintain competitiveness in a rapidly changing world.
  • Optimized workflow that generates higher revenue.

In the design and manufacturing industry today, a typical workflow for product design starts in the sales department, where the product specifications are determined by a salesman in conjunction with a customer. The agreed upon product information is then transferred to the design department, where it is interpreted and translated into a product design. Finally, the design is sent to production for manufacturing, along with necessary manufacturing documentation.

Every step of the way, this workflow is prone to errors and bottlenecks due to miscommunication, misunderstandings, and assumptions - A problem that will increase exponentially with the product's complexity.

We have the solution to help minimize these errors and at the same time free up time for your design and manufacturing departments to focus on actual value creation, such as product development and future products, to stay competitive in this fast-changing industry!

XperDi process

Will this work for you?

Our potential clients can typically identify with some or all of the following bullet points:

Customised products (requires design work for every order)

Production or design is a bottleneck

Turnaround time in production

Uncertainties in the information flow from sales to production

XperDi CAD Automation Framework - Technology

Our technology stems from more than 10 years of research in design automation, utilizing the best proven practices in the field. XperDi CAD Automation Framework is the only Framework on the market that allows full flexibility of the model throughout the entire design process. Our Framework differs fundamentally from those of our competitors, giving you as a client:

  • Fully flexible models throughout the design process
  • The ability to add, remove and update unlimited configured components to your model
  • Full access to, and control of your CAD model during and after the configuration process
  • Your choice of CAD tool - XCC is CAD independent
  • Customized output catered to your needs
  • The ability to accurately configure products of high complexity

Our Strengths

We have found that by implementing our design automation technology as part of your everyday workflow, you'll early on be able to see the following benefits:

  • Eliminated bottlenecks and shortened lead times
  • Minimized number of errors in production
  • Improved communication and information exchange with customers
  • Fewer assumptions and sources of error at every step of the way from order to delivery
  • Fully flexible and easily managed CAD models throughout the design process
  • No creative cap on your product solutions due to our dynamic configuration technology