We are

Automaters, Modelers & Optimizers

Our vision is to provide engineering tools for efficient design process and maximized innovation possibility

The technology applied in XperDi is based on more than 10 years of research at Linköping University. We believe in a more efficient way of product development where human recourses are not wasted on repetitive tasks.

Our goal is to provide the tools necessary to accomplish an optimized and Lean product development process where non-creative design is eliminated and the daily work of mechanical engineers is concentrated on innovation and ingenuity.

Our Team


Albin Mannerfelt


Masters in Mechanical Engineering

Albin is responsible for keeping our company together. As CEO his responsibilities involves sales, marketing, and project managing. In other words, he keeps the team focused on the customer- and the market values. His technical expertise involves Design Automation.


Mehdi Tarkian


PhD Mechanical Engineering

Mehdi is the founder of XperDi and is responsible for the long term technical vision of our products. Mehdi received a PhD in 2013 in Design Automation and as an expert in the field he is a valuable resource for the marketing as well as the developing team.


Manokar Munisamy

Engineering VP

Masters in Computer Systems

Manokar is responsible for the implementation of the technical development and is chief architect for the XperDi CAD Configurator. Manokar has his background in computer science. He makes sure that our application is developed in a standardized, modular and re-usable manner.


Leon Poot

Product VP

Masters in Mechanical Engineering

Leon is responsible for the technical roadmap of the XperDi CAD Configurator. He helps the developing team to target functionalities with greatest value for the customer. With a background in racing and solar-powered cars he is experienced in various CAD-tools. His area of expertise is in Design Automation.


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