XperDi CAD Configurator (XCC)

XCC is the only CAD configurator that lets you automate repetitive tasks without limiting the freedom of the design. This enable you to configure complex products that traditional configurators only could dream of automating. XCC lets you configure, re-configure, re-use and re-shape your product with far less manual work. We are also the first configurator that lets you integrate automation in your preferred CAD tool and various XCC functionalities lets you get the output that you need.

XCC Functionalities

Automate more with following of-the-shelf functionalities.

CAE Preparation

Automatically prepare a CAE model. As soon as the configuration is defined, an automatic process is able to: Find all relevant parts, Add all needed geometries, Simplify the required geometries and finally Sort all relevant geometries in specific geometrical folders.


Automatically generate drawings by specifying the layouts and measures with high-level rules. The drawings are automatically generated and updated no matter the change on the product design.

Advanced Instantiation

Quicker design by automating even more processes. Define rules for optimized configuration of your product.

Real Time Visualization

Automated, real-time, photorealistic visualization is what you can do with this functionality. It is fast and the results are fantastic!

Part Compability

If you have complex rules regarding configuration of various components, this is the functionality to go for. Make sure that correct components are configured and that the complete product does not break any compatibility rules.


Automatically check standards and constraints that have to be fulfilled. This is a time consuming process where mistakes can be minimized with an automatic check.

3D Converter

With this functionality you can convert CAD files to optimized polygon-models. Ready for visualization!

Cost Estimation

Import the cost of all your components through the ERP system. Have complete control of the cost of the configured product.