XperDi CAD Configurator For Onshape

XperDi CAD Configurator for Onshape allows to generate configurable version of your products using Onshape 3D model libraries . It is possible to configure, re-configure, re-use and re-shape your product with far less manual work. This enables a considerable efficiency in product development and thus provides the means for you to design customized and innovative products.

Flexible Onshape 3D models are imperative in order the get the possible outcome from the CAD Configurator. Depending on the application and product, you might need our help to get started. Read about our customer story here.

We will develop the models for you so that you can start using XperDi CAD Configurator from day one. Contact us for a free consultation so that we can setup up the best solution for your needs.

XperDi CAD Configurator Offers


Easy product configuration with our intuitive instantiate functionality which allows you to configures your product in a LEGO-based process.


Increase the level of automation by grouping several instances for faster configuration and automation.


Radical changes are usually hard to do in CAD. This is not the case with our tool however.

Re-Shape & Re-Arrange

With easy parametric changes it is possible to re-shape and re-arrange your geometries.