Design Automation

Customized Design Automation

For every repetitive task there is a possible automation routine. This routine will not only speed up your processes and shorten lead times. It will minimize possible errors, make your processes leaner and more structured.

No matter the complexity of your product, contact us to have a free consultation regarding what benefits a possible design might bring to your company.

Automation courses

Learn the exiting possibilities of design automation. With our courses you can setup your own design automation projects and applications.

Become an expert user and learn how to create the best possible CAD models in order to get the most out of you CAD Configurator.

Parametric CAD models

Parametric CAD models are impetrative in order the get the possible outcome from the CAD Configurator. Depending on the application and product, you might need our help to get started. We will develop the models for you so that you can start using XperDi CAD Configurator from day one.