Fast And Errorless Design

For Storage And Execution Of

Expert Knowledge

Automation For Repetitions

Why do you need Design Automation

Benefits with Design Automation
Benefits with Design Automation

Faster Design

Product Configuration in CAD is a time consuming and error prone process. XperDi CAD Configurator (XCC) automates the most intricate and repetitive processes in CAD.

Benefits with Design Automation

Increase detail

With our Knowledge Based Engineering system it is possible to store more expert knowledge in your CAD models in order to increase the detail of your design.

Benefits with Design Automation

Minimize Error

Repetitive and non-creative processes are high risk procedures from an error-prone perspective. By automating and standardizing these tasks you can quantify and plan for a specific quality for your design.

Benefits with Design Automation

Lean Process

Iterations between departments is minimized or completely removed by increasing the knowledge level in the CAD models, e.g. as made possible by the CAE Enabler add-on.

We propose a product development process without hassle

Faster Design

We want you to

Save valuable resources

Increase innovation

Automate non-creative processes.

We offer the state-of-the-art XperDi CAD Configurator (XCC)
tool, which is based on the principles of
Knowledge Based Engineering.

The XCC connects to various CAD tools
to considerably improve the processes
of product configuration.

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XperDi CAD Configurator

XCC connects to any CAD tool and enables Design Automation of tedious CAD operations, such as automated drawings with complete measurements.

Design Automation

Please contact us for unique and customized Design Automation needs. We can develop customized applications if it cannot be covered by our current tool and add-ons.


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