Mass produce customized products!

Benefits with Design Automation

No more time-waste

We provide tools and expertise for automating design and production preparation for manufacturing of customer unique products. We help you to achieve rational and automatic processes from customer order to manufacturing and assembly.

Minimize error

Repetitive and non-creative processes are high risk procedures from an error-prone perspective. By automating and standardizing these tasks you can quantify and plan for a specific quality for your design.

Increased sales and profit

A natural effect of rationlization is increased sales and profit when engineering time on customer order is reduced, prodution preperation is automated and manufacturing errors minimimized.

Customization and Automation

Faster Design

Do you...

spend engineering hours on each order?

have bottlnecks from order to manufacturing?

have no time to improve your products?

We want you to...

have a seamless processes from order to manufacturing.

automatically create manufacturing data.

automate non-creative processes.

We offer XperDi CAD Configurator which connects to various CAD tools to considerably improve design and production flow by automating various downstream processes such as production preperation and seamless connection to ERP systems.

Products & Services

XperDi CAD Configurator

XCC connects to any CAD tool and enables Design Automation of tedious CAD operations, such as automated drawings with complete measurements.

Customized Design Automation

Achieve customized Design Automation. We can develop customized applications based on XCC or enable your developers to do so.


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